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  Stunning and articulate low-end is just the beginning for Smarvo’s BVH300L, BP520L and BP620L. Starting with the all-tube BVH300L, Smarvo has created an earthshaking KT88 powered juggernaut. A classic straightforward feature set is the hallmark of the BVH300L. Three bands of equalization with selectable mid frequency, gain boost to achieve vintage grit and input pad round out the 12AX7/12AT7 driven preamp. A sextet of classic KT88 bottles provides 300W of power and a monstrous custom output transformer couples the amp to either 4 or 8Ω loads. The BVH300L isn’t limited to vintage nostalgia though, with a balanced direct out, tuner out and bias adjustable power amplifier to suit a myriad of tube types, this amp handles modern demands with ease. For the bassist accustomed to the bold punch of a solid state amplifier, Smarvo has conceived the 520W BP520L and the 620W BP620L. All the features one would need in a truly professional bass amplifier have been included. The front end can be configured as either tube or solid state while bass and treble shelving EQ’s bookend a bypassable parametric midrange equalizer. There is an abundance of connectivity options with these amps as well. A tuner out, line out, FX loop and pre/post EQ selectable balanced out allow for unlimited configurations. Any bass rig is only as good as the speakers providing the push. Smarvo’s HM4108B and HM1158B are up to the task. The 4x10” HM4108B is equipped with a level adjustable crossover and compression tweeter to provide the wide range fidelity bassists demand while the HM1158B’s single 15” driver and compression tweeter provide the smooth lows only a 15” can provide. Crisp and articulate, round and warm, Smarvo has the options to build a bass rig for your next tour.


* 300 Wrms Output Power
* Power Vacuum Tubes: KT88 x 6 Pcs
* Preamp Vacuum Tubes: 12AT7 x 2 Pcs, 12AU7 x 1Pc,   12AX7 x 1Pc
* High-efficiency Toroidal Transformer with Resettable Thermal Fuse
* LED Back-lighted Panel
* Input Jack with -10dB PAD Button Switch and Indication,LED
* Gain Control with Boost Button Switch and Indication LED
* Bass Control
* Middle Control with Frequency Shift Button and Indication LED
* Treble Control
* Master Volume Control
* Illuminated Power Switch
* Standby Switch
* Speaker Output Jacks with Impedance Select Switch
* Tuner Out
* XLR Type Balanced Line Out
* Bias Adjustable for Using Other Types of Power Tubes
* Dimensions: 560W x 270H x 310D mm
* Weight: 26 Kgs


* 620 Wrms for BP620L
* 520 Wrms for BP520L
* LED Back-lighted Panel
* Input with Active / Passive Select Switch
* Gain Control
* Signal LED
* Preamp Mode Switch Selecting Between Solid State and Tube Circuity with 12 AX7 x 1Pc
* Bass and Treble Control
* Parametric Middle-Range Equalizer with On / Off Foot & Push Button Switch
* Effects Control with On / Off Foot & Push Button Switch
* Master Volume Control
* Headphone Jack
* Mute Switch
* Clip LED Indication
* Protection LED Indication
* External Speaker Jacks
* Line Out Jack
* Tuner Send Jack
* Effects Send / Return Jacks with 10dB Level Adjust Switch
* Direct Out with XLR Jack, Level Control Pre / Post Select Switch and Ground-Lift Switch
* Dimensions: 519W x 127H x 420D mm
* Weight: 23.7 Kgs


* Power Handling: 600 Wrms
* 4 x 10" High Performance Bass Driver
* 1 x Tweeter with Compression Driver
* Speakon In and Parallel Out
* 1/4" In and Parallel Out
* High Frequency Attenuator
* Dimensions: 638W x 748H x 403D mm


* Power Handling: 300 Wrms
* 1 x 15" High Performance Bass Driver
* 1 x Tweeter with Compression Driver
* Speakon In and Parallel Out
* 1/4" In and Parallel Out
* High Frequency Attenuator
* Dimensions: 638W x 748H x 403D mm
BP620L + HM4108B + HM1158B BVH300L + HM4108B + HM1158B

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